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Proburst Whey Supreme Protein Powder With Glutamine & BCAAs 2 Kg |57 Servings | - Coffee

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  • Per serving 24 grams of whey protein  with Whey Protein Isolates as the primary ingredient and just 1.5 grams of sugar and 1.3 grams of fat in delicious Coffee Flavour.
  • Naturally occurring BCAAs 5 grams of and glutamine 4 grams in each serving
  • This product has a plastic shrink wrap seal around the cap (outside) for protection from contamination. Sealing inside the cap with an authentication code.
  • Proburst’s Whey Supreme is an anytime source of high-quality, quick-absorbing proteins. The 24 gm of protein and 5g of BCAAs will ensure quick recovery and superior muscle synthesis to help your body grow stronger, faster. Whey Supreme can be consumed at any time of the day and after any activity/sport.
  • The recommended occasions to consume whey protein are: EARLY MORNING: Consuming Whey Supreme when you wake up will help kick-start your metabolism, counteracting the catabolic effects of starvation the body experiences through the night. IN-BETWEEN MEALS: Whey Supreme provides a concentrated dose of high-quality protein which, will help curb appetite and reduce the chances of binge eating. POST WORKOUT: Whey Supreme will provide 24g of high-quality protein, helping reduce muscle fatigue and promote protein synthesis, during your body’s period of stress and recovery. BEFORE BED: Whey Supreme will keep your body fuelled through the night, aiding metabolic functions and eliminating the effects of muscle catabolism.

Additional Description

Give your body the fuel it deserves with Proburst’s Whey Supreme. Our “anytime protein” is packed with 24g of high-quality, easily absorbable protein to help make you stronger and healthier. Five grams of essential BCAAs aid in protein synthesis and muscle recovery. Whereas, 3.4g of glutamine reduces muscle fatigue and so you’re back in top form for another active day. Whey Supreme is made with advanced Cross-Flow Microfiltration to preserve the health benefitting components of Whey protein as well as a high protein content. Whey Supreme is the perfect nutritional supplement to help power you in every walk…every sprint of life.
Give your body the fuel it deserves with extra refined Proburst Whey Supreme in four yummilicious flavors: Double Chocolate, Vanilla Ice cream, Coffee, Cookies & Cream.

Each serving contains superb quality protein for improved recovery after a strenuous session

No added Soy, Maltodextrin or Banned Substances

Formulated to enhance your performance.

A multi-enzyme matrix that will help in the better breakdown and absorption of nutrients.

With vacuum transfer methodology, intermediate bin containers, and hygienically designed packaging, we ensure Zero Human Contact in the manufacturing process

With controlled environment for the storage of raw materials and QA testing done at various steps even at the intermediate level, we provide you the products of International standard.process.

Stability Test to test a new product at various temperatures and humidity conditions to check the shelf life of the product. We have walk-in chambers with artificial conditions as per different zones and weather conditions to test and ensure that the product doesn't get denatured. Then, it is followed by the Transition Test to ensure the maximum distances reachability of the product without getting damaged.

Bringing in the technology like X-Ray Machine Testing to test for contaminants and Microbiological Analysis for checking the contamination in Finished Goods

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1 2020-02-18 best protein. coffee flavor is very testy. good result 5 Nazim
2 2020-02-20 Good result and protein quality is nice. speedy digestion and love its awesome flavor. Just like real coffee 5 Shilpi
3 2020-02-21 I tried Proburst Supreme whey protein first time and it's quality is extreme. 5 afsar
4 2020-02-21 I take three scoops of protien everyday and this whey supreme from Proburst in coffee flavor which is just amazing..feels as refreshing as cold coffee..plus the cost is just too reasonable 5 rahul
5 2020-03-08 Well before using Proburst I had tried other brands whey proteins as well but to be honest never got satisfied , one of my friend introduced me to PROBURST WHEY SUPREME (COFFEE FLAVOR) And its been 4 months I have been using this product and trust me it is the BEST whey protein I have ever had , Best in terms of *Best in flavor (coffee my favorite flavor) *Best as in value for money *Best for my fitness goals The right amount of protein, carbs & fats per scoop . 5 stars from my side . 5 Anil